Class SubCommand

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AdminSubCommand, FriendSubCommand, PartySubCommand

public abstract class SubCommand extends Object implements Comparable<SubCommand>
  • Field Details

    • HELP

      public final HELP
    • PREFIX

      protected final String PREFIX
  • Constructor Details

    • SubCommand

      protected SubCommand(String[] pCommands, int pPriority, pHelp, String pPrefix)
    • SubCommand

      protected SubCommand(String[] pCommands, int pPriority, String pHelp, String pPrefix)
    • SubCommand

      protected SubCommand(List<String> pCommands, int pPriority, String pHelp, String pPrefix, String pPermission)
      pCommands - The names of this command
      pPriority - The priority of this command (the command with the lowest priority is listed first)
      pHelp - The help message. It will be outprinted when the command is listed and when printOutHelp(OnlinePAFPlayer, String) printOutHelp} is called.
      pPrefix - The prefix of this command (e.g. [Friends] or [Party])
      pPermission - The permission which is needed to execute this command. If no Permission is needed set it to null.
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